Monday, August 15, 2016

Beating Pancreatitis Forum Is Now Live

The Beating Pancreatitis Forum is now live and it works. 

I had to delete everything and re-install but it works!

This time I tested it.

ANYONE can register and participate.

 Beating Pancreatitis- snakebird

  You'll be able to:
  • register
  • set up your own profile
  • create new topics
  • chat with each other
  • ask questions
  • get answers (from whoever is registered)
  • anytime, any day, 24/7 (this does not mean I am gonna be on 24/7!)
You'll see the forum registration, login etc under the main menu.

Let me know whether it works! Register and say hi lol :-)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chronic Pancreatitis: The Steps to Pancreas Healing

The steps to healing Chronic Pancreatitis are the same as healing after Acute Pancreatitis however ...

I sorta dropped the ball by not posting the steps like I promised in this post Pancreas Healing: 5 Steps to Pancreas Healing After Acute Pancreatitis.

The thing is, like I said in my last sentence or paragraph of the above post, the protocol I use is almost EXACTLY the same.

The only difference for ME, since I have already done prep and a pancreatitis diet food diary YEARS ago, is that I don't have to do that step. Otherwise acute pancreatitis from damage caused (chronic pancreatitis) is the same as the original in regards to protocol. In fact, if I had pain or symptoms I would, depending upon severity of symptoms, follow what I outlined anyway because:

1) The pancreas needs rest to heal
2) Food has to be re-introduced slowly
3) The right solid food must be eaten when solid food is again able to be eaten
4) The supplements are important
5) Alcohol must be avoided

And if someone with chronic pancreatitis has NOT done a food diary the PREP and DIARY are essential to finding out exactly what does and does not cause problems. That way those who do NOT believe me about the two enemies (FAT and Alcohol) will find that what I say is true and that if they continue to eat foods that shouldn't be eaten they will continue to be sick.

In other words those who would rather eat steak (red meat), bacon (pork), and other extremely high trigger, fat-filled foods and drink alcohol will continue to be sick and progressively become worse while they blame their problems on grapes, peaches, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans, lentils, spices or some other completely safe, anti-inflammatory, pancreas healing food.

So there ya go, in a nutshell, those with chronic pancreatitis need to do the exact same things in order to begin healing and IF ...

They have suffered enough damage (I do NOT know how much that might be) or have been butchered by a surgeon so their pancreas looks like a filleted fish (whipple procedure for example) they may never truly heal to where they feel decent ever again and that really sucks but it is truthful.

So if you currently suffer from chronic pancreatitis your steps to healing are the same as those found here especially if you are currently in constant pain.

I hope you are able to heal.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Statin Drugs Cause Acute Pancreatitis

I know that sometimes I post joyful news huh? This is probably especially joyful to those of you who may be on statin medication for really HIGH blood fat levels that were the cause of your problems to begin with but sorry - you should know everything don't ya think?

Statins and pancreatitis: a systematic review of observational studies and spontaneous case reports.

Drug-induced acute pancreatitis

The good news is that the benefits in the case of acute pancreatitis caused by severely high lipids is that the statins seem to help lower the lipid levels thus lowering the risk of recurrent AP and worsening CP which carries a risk of pancreatic cancer. Statin therapy when one has severely high lipids seem to actually be a good thing in this case. So actually the news isn't so bad after all huh?

Sometimes I can't help but stir the pot  :-)

If you happen to be on statin drug therapy for a supposed heart attack risk and have suffered acute pancreatitis you may want to re-think why you are on those drugs to begin with since cholesterol isn't THE major player in atherosclerotic heart disease. However ...

Statin drugs are a MAJOR revenue source for big pharma. In fact, Lipitor, before it went off patent, averaged over 5 BILLION in revenue each year. ONE drug, 5 BILLION in revenue. So who is blowing smoke at who?

By the way statins also deplete CoQ10, actually they inhibit the bodies production of CoQ10 and since CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body with the largest amounts found in the heart (it strengthens the heart wall muscle so it pumps good and strong) you should consider supplementing CoQ10 or eating a boat load of salmon each week. Supplements would probably be the best answer.