Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pancreas Regeneration Part 2

In a previous post called Pancreas Regeneration - Is It Possible? I alluded to the fact I thought pancreas regeneration is possible and why I was led to believe regeneration potentially viable depending of course upon you, the patient, doing what is necessary in order to provide a climate conducive to regeneration.

I am always looking for new scientific evidence to prove that my thoughts may be at least somewhat correct and one of my blog readers left a comment with a link to an article that I feel you must read. It is mainly about alcohol, it's role in alcoholic pancreatitis and the close relationship between the pancreas and the liver in regards to alcohol and it's role in creating an atmosphere conducive to pancreatic disease (pancreatitis) and liver disease. It is a fairly complicated, indepth article however; if you still drink alcohol this article may help you to understand why you need to quit drinking alcohol and of course more importantly why it is necessary in order to create an atmosphere conducive to pancreatic tissue regeneration after damage due to pancreatitis.

This is an exceptional article (in pdf format so you can save it to your computer) that may instill hope for those who wish to someday feel good again. Read it here.

I wish to thank my reader for sending me the link to this information because I had not found it myself and I learned something that I thought may be possible is in all actuality quite probable.

Enjoy the read it is great information about alcoholic pancreatitis with a secetion on pancreas regeneration but may seem like eating cardboard to some. LOL it is VERY scientifically intense.

Alcoholic pancreatitis: Lessons from the liver


  1. Hi,,, thanks for all your research and sharing all this information. Trying to help my husband and order curcumin in Australia. I know you say no animal products (I am already a vegan and he has only eaten meat outside the home for years) but the yarrow curcumin is in gelatine caps which we usually avoid. Do you know of any others, so confused about which is right!!! Thank you. Hope you see this. Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, I have to admit the curcumin I use in capsule form and in fact I can't remember ever seeing it in caplets/tablets but that doesn't mean it doesn't come that way somewhere. You could always simply buy turmeric at the store (regular turmeric) in either powder or root form and use it that way by mixing it in a tea like concoction or in food but it is hard to get the amounts of actual curcumin that way and it may not be pleasant tasting. I know that there are manufacturers who use strictly vegetarian gel caps which may be suitable.

  2. Hi!

    I thought I´d share my story on this post since I got some very happy news yesterday.

    A little under a year ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis after several bouts of stomach pain over a period of about five years, the last one lasting for several weeks with fever and everything.

    I was sent to ultrasound and there the radiologist found scar tissue having formed in my pancreas and he said that this was caused by inflammation of the pancreas due to drinking too much (which is what caused the attacks) and ordered me to stop drinking altogether. I haven´t touched alcohol since.

    Shortly after I came over this blog and adopted the regime of a low fat diet, grape seed, vitamin C, curcumin and enzymes before meals. I also took Ibuprofen whenever I felt the slightest sign of pancreatic stomach pain (you kinda know how it feels if you´ve had it before). I also made sure to get cardio-vascular exercise at least three times a week and have a certain amount physical activity every day (walks, biking etc).

    Yesterday I got the results from a recent CT scan, (which is a more precise form of diagnosis than ultrasound) and to my suprise they found "no evidence of disease in pancreas". This means that the scarring in my pancreas has healed in less than a year and I stand a much better chance of escaping this horrible disease, and the future looks bright!

    I will continue to stay away from alcohol, and will also continue to take supplements, although maybe not as many as before, just to stay on the safe side.

    This goes to show that there is indeed hope if you get an early diagnosis and implement measures immediately and stick to them.

    1. AWESOME News! It is great to know that my results have been repeated and that someone else has also healed their pancreas! I believe that your story will give hope to those who desire healing from pancreatitis damage and are diligent in their quest for renewed health. Thank you for posting your story and best wishes for continued health and healing.

      AWESOME! Absolutely AWESOME!

    2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I had a Mesenteric Cyst in the lesser sac in 2009 and it was on my pancreas. I azlso have 2 cysts in liver and a Polyp on my Gallbladder with Ulcerative Colitis. I been dealing with Medical issues for a long time... Im definetely going to try the Grape seed and Tumeric... My body has a very hard time digesting and passing stols and gas... Leaving me with extreme upper and lower abdominal pain. I been in the Hospital for pancreatitis last year as well. I want to be able to live to see my 2 boys grow up! Mind over matter I can do this! With prayer and healing foods I can beat all of this! Thank you for your post you are a blessing saving someone else from this horrible battle... Aloha, Mahea

    3. Thanks for the kind words - I hope you find relief.